35000 US Work Permit Visa for Foreigners.

In these days Millions are searching for US Working Visa job. So, here we try to answer the question, How to Apply US Work Visa?

35000 Work Permit Visa for Foreigners in USA

Biden government has announced additional 35000 visa for Foreigners. This is for non-agriculture sectors workers. Similarly the state government provides working visa for seasonal agriculture workers.

How to Apply US Work Visa

Visa application is the final step to live and work in USA. There are some more steps ahead that you have to complete. OK, do not worry about it. Here we are going to provide all the USA working visa job application process.

What is American Work Visa?

American work visa lets you to live and work in USA for certain period of time. It is for the specified job only. So you cannot change the job under such visa. Who can apply for such visa? Such question may come in your mind. We have list of required document and other application procedure in our previous articles. Hence interested can check gbsnote.com for more information.

Apply Now

Well before applying for the job in America you must take online test to know either you are eligible for the job or not. Just take few minutes and complete the online eligibility test available in the official page of state government.

Qualification for US Work Visa

There are three conditions you have to fulfill to apply for US work Visa. If you are unable to meet any one of these conditions you will be disqualified for the visa. Hence learn these basic requirements for work permit visa in America.

Job offer Letter

You must have job offer letter from your employer in USA. This must be attached with other documents during the visa application in US embassy in your country.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Approval Letter

It is mandatory to take permission for the labor department to hire the foreign workers. Hence the employers need to take permission from USCIS to provide job for foreigners.

This is called petition or I -129 forms.

Temporary Employment Requirements

America is the point of attraction of tourists in the world. Beside this United States of America is the best working hub. It gives best salary for the workers. Therefore all kinds of people from the world dream about USA job.

Documents for Temporary Employment

  • Petition file on behalf of employer
  • Job offer letter
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Academic Certificate of the applicants
  • Other training and work experience certificates of employee
  • Valid passport

Generally these documents are required for seasonal working visa job in America.

Types of Temporary USA Work Visas

The common visas as temporary workers in United States of America are as follow.

  1. H-1 B Visas
  2. L Visa
  3. E Visa
  4. O Visa
  5. NAFTA Work Visa

Permanent USA Working Visa

There are different kinds of permanent work visa in America. The non-American people having green card are the permanent workers. They can live and work in America permanently.

This is just general information about How to Apply US Work Visa. You must make deep study before apply for the working visa.

We are not the agents or Manpower Company to recruit the workers in America. We simply provide information about it. The most important thing is that never pay amount to unknown and unauthorized persons.

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