What happens after getting personal PAN number?

Nepal government budget for fiscal year 2076/77 to a person who is a permanent accounting policy, struck an individual permanent account number ( Personal-PAN) to take in order to increase this. From July to September 15 of the current fiscal year alone, 4 lakh people have taken pans .

The government has taken the policy of paying more than Rs 1,000 through banks and those who get remuneration from employment must take PAN. At the same time, there are many rumors and rumors about getting PAN card in the market.

What happens after getting a personal PAN card? This is the question most asked by the taxpayer. What are the advantages or disadvantages of getting a permanent account number? Let’s find the answers to the questions that come up.

There is no special facility or concession after taking personal pan. So what’s the difference between taking a pan and not taking it? For example, if a person has been paying income tax and social security tax regularly for years. However, if he does not have a personal permanent account number, the tax paid on behalf of the person is filed in a lump sum on behalf of the office. Payment does not appear to have been made in person.

If proof of payment of tax is required for any particular work, the tax office collects the details after the concerned employer or office writes to the tax office along with the proof of tax paid on behalf of the person. The tax office gives the letter of tax filing to the person.

If personal permanent account number is available, the deductible amount can be filed directly in the person’s number. And, in the future when you have to take proof of tax payment, you can search for details based on the same number. Even the details of the tax paid by you cannot be easily found without a personal personal account number. However, with a permanent account number, tax details are readily available.

The tax burden should not increase or decrease after getting personal permanent account number. Instead, it helps to integrate and organize tax returns. Leave the tax you paid unattended or manage it in a certified computer system? The issue of getting personal permanent account number is related to this question.

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