Lift up your life, Powerful Motivational Quotes and Formula for success

Life changing inspiration words for victory above suffering life.

In this Video, I am going to say some words of encouragement. I believe these sentences will give us encouragement. I have collected these sentences from many books, from online studies and from influential speakers. I hope you will be motivated by hearing this. I have a request. While watching this video please understand my hard work and like this video and also subscribe to this channel. I will bring such impressive content in this channel. Thank you

  1. God does not like the hardness of tongue and heart, therefore God has made them without bones.
  2. A relationship made by agreement lasts  only as long as selfishness lasts, but a relationship made by love lasts until the last breath.
  3. No matter how many words you hear, it may not sound good, so it is better to understand before giving a response.
  4. Remove people like some weeds from your life and make them flourish. Only then will your garden full of friendly circles look beautiful.
  5. Dreaming is necessary for dreams to come true.
  6. Stay away from people who attack your ambitions, weak people do that. Powerful people inspire you to be like them.
  7. He who can use problems can touch greatness.
  8. None of us can change the past but we all can change our future.
  9. Those who trust in small things give life to small things, those who trust in big things give life to big things.
  10. There are two reasons for failure – one is not taking advice from anyone and the other is taking advice from everyone
  11. Putting off work on the pretext of tomorrow is the biggest mistake of people.
  12. Success is the underground water that can not be obtained by digging one meter in a hundred places, but by digging a hundred meters in one place.
  13. This world is made better by those who do it than by those who know it.
  14. Your fear is like a force of gravity that hinders you from climbing up and helps you fall down.
  15. Life is wasted for those who do not make any effort to improve.
  16. Most of the people are living under the illusion that success is based on luck and not on struggle.
  17. Everyone wants to support you in the light, but a good friend is the one who supports you in the dark.
  18. Most of the people dream of riding Takura but home; They can’t dare to go beyond the front.
  19. You have to be able to see the world inside yourself, then the outside world will fade away.
  20. Impossible is actually just our illusion.
  21. To be rich, you need a “contented mind” and not a “stack of wealth”. When there is satisfaction in life, then greens and sighs are the dish, the hut is the castle.
  22. We never offer money in the temple; there is no religion, religion is the service that is offered to the hungry bellies who are begging for help on the road.
  23. He who destroys his soul, he is not afraid even for a night to destroy the world.
  24. One can learn something from people with negative mindsets, just as night follows day, success follows failure.
  25. If someone criticizes you, you should not pay any attention to it. Instead, think about the person who believes in himself.
  26. Love all, trust few and harm none.
  27. There is neither good nor bad here, good-bad is the product of our thinking.
  28. An empty vessel makes more noise.
  29. We know who we are, but we don’t know what we can become.
  30. There are three formulas of success, one, never give up, two, never give up and three, never give up.
  31. If we keep looking at the conflict between the past and the present, we will find that we have lost our future.
  32. The higher the air pressure, the higher the kite can fly.
  33. We are masters of unspoken words but servants of the words that slip from our tongues.
  34. Politics is not a game, it is a profitable business.
  35. History is always written by the winners.
  36. A single tree grows strong if it grows fully.
  37. I know that courage is not only not being afraid, but also conquering fear. Bravery is not one who is not afraid, brave is one who moves forward despite fear.
  38. After climbing a big mountain, you soon realize that there are many more mountains to climb.
  39. It seems impossible until the job is finished.
  40. Education is a powerful weapon that can change the world.
  41. A person’s good fortune is trying to live up to his plans, even if they are small.
  42. The search for truth is the ultimate joy. I am looking for that.
  43. Wisdom is rare. Only indiscretion is omnipresent.
  44. To those who ask what is the biggest problem of the human mind, I say, the difference in speech and behavior.
  45. Keep love in your heart. Life without love is like a blossoming tree in the absence of the sun.
  46. A true friend will always help you move forward.
  47. Experience is the simple name given to our mistakes.
  48. We become what we constantly do. Therefore, it is not work, but the habit of working that takes us to the peak of greatness.
  49. Hope is a waking dream.
  50. The root of education is bitter but its fruit is always sweet.
  51. Our happiness depends on us.
  52. I consider him brave who can conquer himself but not the one who conquers the enemy.
  53. Our behavior should be like the zero of mathematics. Which is not valuable in itself. But when it is connected with others, it increases its value.
  54. Holding a grudge in your heart is like taking a coal in your hand with the intention of throwing it at someone else, but you are the one who gets burned.
  55. If you have a sweet appetite and deep sleep, remember that you are the richest person.
  56. One of the lessons learned from the life of a successful person is to sacrifice. So don’t be afraid if you have to lose something small to get something big. Similarly, stay away from TV, Internet, unnecessary wandering and bad habits.
  57. Always be aware that you are on the right path or not. If you are on the wrong path, no matter how hard you work, it will not matter to your goals.
  58. Instead of how far you have to go to reach your goal, always focus on how far you have gone. On the one hand, it reminds you of your hard work and on the other hand, it gives you more energy and motivation to reach your goals.
  59. People also need money for success. Always use the money you have in the right place.
  60. Live only among friends who understand and support you forever.
  61. The relationship is very sweet. It is not shown to the world, it is decorated in the mind.
  62. Don’t let your failures defeat you, but use failures as a stepping stone to your success.
  63. Most successful people achieve their greatest success one step before their greatest failure.
  64. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help make it a reality.
  65. Never making a mistake is not success, but never repeating a mistake is success.
  66. Both gold and gold are very expensive, but the one wearing gold is seen by everyone and the one wearing gold is not seen by anyone.
  67. Rather than being too ambitious, it is better to measure the height of your house and the roof and stick to it. – Dayahyang Rai
  68. One mistake of a doctor can kill a person, one mistake of a teacher can kill a society, but one mistake of a leader can kill a country. – Dayahyang Rai
  69. The world is ruled by three things, money, weapons and wisdom
  70. He does not look for faults and weaknesses in what he likes.
  71. When someone copies you, remember that you are succeeding.
  72. .. keep earning until the expensive stuff doesn’t seem cheap.
  73. If your “Plan A” didn’t work, don’t panic, there are still twenty-five letters left.
  74. A person who has never made a mistake has never tried to make a mistake.
  75. The crowd gives encouragement, but it gives a loss of identity.
  76. No great person preaches about lack of opportunity.
  77. Greatness is not the one who never fights, greatness is the one who fights again and again.
  78. Whatever you are interested in, there is no time limit to get that thing, even if it is late at night.
  79. If you want something to be good, do it yourself.
  80. You can’t swim by standing empty and looking at the water.
  81. A winner doesn’t do things differently, they do things differently.
  82. The harder the struggle, the more glorious the victory.
  83. If no one is laughing at your goal, then your goal is too small.
  84. Don’t worry about failure, because you are only right once.
  85. Every person has a power, the difference is that some people hide it, while others hide it.
  86. Do not make your voice loud to make others hear, but make your personality so high that people will work hard to listen to you.
  87. You keep doing good deeds, whether others praise you or not, more than half of the world is asleep, but the “sun” remains awake.
  88. The work that comes from identity lasts for some time, but the identity that comes from work lasts for a lifetime.
  89. If you want to live your life in your own way, don’t be someone’s fan.
  90. You have to be happy, you have to do your best.
  91. Stop waiting because the right time never comes.
  92. Do the work so peacefully that the success makes a noise.
  93. If a person gives a smile even after losing, winning gives happiness.
  94. If you have to introduce yourself, remember, your success is far away.
  95. It wasn’t the mountain beyond that that pushed me across, it was the small stone inside my shoe. – Chinese Proverb
  96. Don’t look at where you fell, look at where you slipped. – African Proverb
  97. Only one dog barks at someone, the rest bark at the sound of barking. – Chinese Proverb
  98. If God had lived on earth, people would have broken his window. – Israeli proverb
  99. When the game is over, both the king and the rank go to the same field. — Italian Proverb
  100. He who does nothing is the only one who does nothing wrong. – French proverb
  101. You should have courage, life can flourish at any time.
  102. Even if one dream is shattered, the power to see another dream is called life.
  103. Three things are needed for success: perseverance, patience and positive thinking.
  104. Challenges are what make life exciting and in this the importance of your life is built.
  105. It is not impossible to continue your campaign with oil in your ears.
  106. Good people are recognized from afar, cheaters cannot be recognized even if they are nearby.
  107. Ignore them, whose beliefs change with time. Always care for those who trust you even when your times change.
  108. Never compare yourself with anyone in life, you are perfect as you are. Every creation of God is the best.
  109. Liking and loving are different things. The one who likes picks a flower from a pot and walks while the lover pours water into the same pot.
  110. No matter how much leisure a person has, he is constantly busy with his journey to the grave.
  111. One who struggles, one day he will reach the peak.
  112. People are broken not by circumstances but by their state of mind.
  113. A gram of work is more important than a ton of theory.
  114. It is better to be happy after losing everything than to be sad after having everything.
  115. We are not bitten by mosquitoes, but by our laziness.
  116. You don’t become poor by not having wealth, you become poor by not knowing what you have.
  117. The cheapest medicine is to smoke, because if there is a lack of it, you are forced to take the most expensive medicine.
  118. Tea can be soft in balls, hard in hard. People should be like tea, soft where necessary, not hard.
  119. A balloon full of air and a person full of pride are the same, they don’t need to be burst, they burst by themselves.
  120. This world is what anyone wants to see. Some people see the thorn in the rose and some see the rose in the thorn.
  121. Choose your own path because no one understands you better than you.
  122. Never leave the work you can do today for tomorrow.
  123. Knowledge is power.
  124. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  125. If you speak the truth, you will not have to remember anything.
  126. Choose a job that you love from the bottom of your heart, then you will never have to work a day in your life.
  127. Winners don’t do anything different, they do everything differently.
  128. No one can insult you without your permission.
  129. To make a mistake is a human act and to forgive is a divine act.
  130. Don’t be sad because something is lost, whatever is lost will come back in one way or another in your life.
  131. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an ocean within a drop.
  132. You were born with wings, why don’t you try to move left without using that ability?
  133. If you get stuck when a burrus bites you, how can you stay away?
  134. You speak not with a loud voice, but with words, because flowers bloom because of water, not because of thunder.
  135. Those who scare you or make you sad, ignore them.
  136. A wound is a place through which light shines through you.
  137. What you are looking for is also looking for you.
  138. Don’t be satisfied with listening to other people’s stories, you have to create your own story.
  139. Yesterday I was smart so I wanted to change the world. But today I have become wiser, so I am changing myself.
  140. Be like melting snow, wash yourself away.
  141. The ability to forget pain is in the same injury.
  142. Two people can never be satisfied, one is a lover and the other is a seeker of knowledge.
  143. Don’t worry if the world rejects you, because people throw stones at the same plant that bears fruit.
  144. If a person speaks and acts with good thoughts, happiness never leaves him like his shadow.
  145. The longest night is ignorance.
  146. What we are today is the result of what we thought until today.
  147. I don’t look at what has been done, I look at what remains to be done.
  148. You can’t find true love anywhere, you have to make it.
  149. Every morning we are reborn, what we do today is considered important.
  150. The night is long for the one who wakes up, the distance is long for the one who is tired, the life is long for the fool who does not know the true religion.
  151. If you don’t change your direction, you will probably end up where you are going.
  152. Life is a matter of luck, death is a matter of time, but staying alive in people’s hearts even after death is a matter of your good deeds.
  153. All wrong actions originate from the mind, if the mind itself changes, will wrong actions remain?
  154. Don’t teach a child to be rich, teach them to be happy so that when they are young they will know the importance of things and not their value.
  155. You cannot change your future, but you can change your self, which will change your future.
  156. No one dies by jumping into the river, death happens when one does not come to swim. Similarly, the situation never becomes a problem, the problem becomes when we do not come to fight with the situation.
  157. Knowing yourself is greater than winning thousands of battles. This is your victory, no one can take it away from you.
  158. Take care of your heart and money, who knows whether it will come back after giving it to others or not.
  159. Being poor is not your fault, it is the fault of those who look at you as poor.
  160. Don’t blame others without fault, lies don’t last, even if it’s too late, the truth won’t last.
  161. Smiling is also an art, which gives the impression that he is very happy.
  162. Betrayal or love are equally harmful, both do not allow people to live and laugh easily.
  163. A sensible person is the one who does not get burned seeing the progress of others but learns something from their characteristics.
  164. A person who learns Sikh from one mistake and moves forward is wise, but a fool who repeats the same mistake over and over again is a fool.
  165. A sensible person always tries to find a way out of grief, but a foolish person always tries to find an excuse.
  166. Good-looking people are not always smart, but smart people tend to be good.
  167. A wise man always takes one step back in a fight while a foolish man always takes two steps forward.
  168. A person who can try to mold himself according to the place, situation and person is the identity of a sensible person.
  169. A wise man before doing anything starts to prepare himself for not only the good but also the bad possibilities that may come from it.
  170. A stupid person speaks without understanding to show himself forward, but a wise person first listens calmly to everyone, understands the matter and finally speaks.
  171. Hardworking and sensible people never follow the crowd and become part of the crowd, rather they leave the crowd behind and move forward.
  172. A good and sensible person always takes care of the rights and wishes of others while talking about his own wishes and rights.
  173. A person is not good at everything, some things he learns from mistakes and some things from knowledge.
  174. People who leave friends for selfish reasons are happy for a few moments, but they are always alone in the sad moments of life.
  175. Life has its own rules that bind us forever.
  176. A person who often helps others in their pain is often alone when he is in pain.
  177. Don’t become someone’s lover by lying. After you know the truth, no one will call you yours for the rest of your life.
  178. “Life” and the “car” in the picture are the same, you don’t know when you will reach your destination, but you should not lose heart, you have to walk, one day you will reach the destination.
  179. You don’t know a person by talking sweetly, to know how he is, it is important to understand his behavior towards others.
  180. Love is a sweet sensation in the heart, but people are selfish and think of it as the thirst of youth.
  181. It is not necessary that everyone trusts you, as long as you don’t tell lies, that is your biggest trust in yourself.
  182. A relationship is like a cloth, if you take care of it, it will last for a long time, if you don’t take care of it, it will tear quickly.
  183. There is no person in this world who does not have problems and no problem does not have a solution, so always remember one thing that no matter how steep the road to the goal is, it is always under your feet.
  184. Life is not easy to live and success is not possible without struggle, so always keep this truth in mind that no stone becomes idol until it is hit by hammer, so adopt struggle in your life.
  185. All the games are of your own mind because you lose if you decide with your mind and you win if you decide with your mind, so instead of succeeding by following someone else, try to become something by deciding on your own.
  186. There is a formula in life in which most people get confused, the formula is, if you want to change life, you have to fight and if you want to simplify life, you have to remember it.
  187. Always be good with good people but never be bad with bad people because a diamond can cut a diamond but a dirt can’t clean dirt.
  188. If you want to become something in life, move forward with equal respect to both successful and unsuccessful people around you, take inspiration from successful people and learn from unsuccessful people, and only then you will achieve your goal.
  189. There are two ways to live life, either you struggle to get what you want, or you want to be satisfied with what you have, looking for any other way is only to stumble and suffer.
  190. A successful person always moves forward with the hope of getting something, but a failed person always moves forward with the thought of defeating someone, so the right person becomes successful and the wrong person falls.
  191. Instead of saying something good, try to do something good because what you are doing today is determining your future tomorrow.
  192. There is a nature hidden inside people, almost all people say that you should do good but inside they also want to do good but not do better than me.
  193. If the relationship is good by bowing down, then bow down, but if you see that you have to bow down, then stop the relationship.
  194. A great man is not one who can keep many servants, a great man is one who can do the work of many servants by himself.
  195. It is not very difficult to understand the truth of life, just weigh yourself sometimes with the same scales you use to weigh others.
  196. It is useless to go where you are not appreciated, whether it is someone’s house or someone’s heart.
  197. Life depends on luck, death depends on time, but even after death everyone remembers it depends on your actions.
  198. Unsuccessful people change their thoughts at the rate of the world, but successful people change their thoughts at the rate of the world.
  199. People have asked time, why do I lose every time? Then time said, day or night, sun or shade, rain or drought, I will always walk, therefore I will win. If you also want to win, always walk.
  200. Make the behavior so simple that everyone can sit with you and make the action so big that no one stays after you wake up.
  201. Live not to look good but to be good because the person who can bend can bend the whole world.
  202. By being jealous of others, a person cannot harm him in any way, but it definitely destroys his happiness, rest and sleep.
  203. All people have some talent hidden in them, but the irony is that most people kill their talent by trying to be like others.
  204. Success and criticism are complementary to each other, so when a person is successful, criticism comes along with success.
  205. When you have money, then the world looks at your worth, but when you don’t have money, the world shows you its worth.
  206. If a person can control his anger, then that person has the ability to withstand the anger of others.
  207. Anger creates ego, ego corrupts the intellect, and when the intellect is corrupted, logic is destroyed, and when logic is destroyed, man falls.
  208. Don’t always weigh the relationship with money because often the people who support you are poor.
  209. When a person makes a mistake, he looks everywhere, right, left, front, back, but he forgets to look up, but he doesn’t even think that a person gets the fruits of his actions from above.
  210. There are only three ways to avoid criticism from others: not to say anything, not to do anything and not to be anything, because when a person says something, does something or shows himself to be something, then he will be criticized in any way.
  211. Challenges make people’s lives exciting and these challenges make your personality more important, so learn to accept challenges.
  212. If you want to understand life, look back and if you want to live life, move forward.
  213. There is only one power that can take a person from failure to the pinnacle of success and that is self-confidence.
  214. If you want to be right then don’t try to prove anything because time itself will prove everything.
  215. Don’t give up on your goal because others have interrupted you, because when you achieve your goal, the naysayers will change.
  216. When a person has confidence in himself, he starts to see the way even in the dark.
  217. Good books and good people cannot be understood easily, if you want to understand, you have to read them.
  218. The powerful is not the one who can control his enemies, the powerful is the one who can control himself.
  219. Never give up on a difficult situation because you have the power to change that situation.
  220. Success never comes all at once like a wave of the sea, success comes like a drop of water, which must be added with continuous and tireless efforts.
  221. It is not necessary to fight to make enemies, just be a little successful and enemies will start forming themselves.
  222. Great deeds in life are always achieved not by force, but by continuous effort.
  223. Never wait for anything because life moves faster than you think.
  224. In today’s era, the one who can speak the least can save his honor the longest.
  225. The day people stop playing with other people’s minds, from that moment on, no relationship in this world will remain incomplete.
  226. People who can’t beat you by running, those people will try to break your heart and beat you, so make your heart strong.
  227. Remember, your heart is very valuable, so give only those who deserve to be in your heart and appreciate your heart.
  228. A person who has experienced extreme pain in life never cries, he just stays silent because he has overcome the pain by crying.
  229. No matter how much good you do with the money you earn from fraud, fraud, corruption, but the merit is not yours, but the one who gets that money.
  230. If a snake enters the house, it is killed by hitting it with a stick, but if the same snake does not sit on a Shiva idol, it is fed milk, so the illusion is not outside the heart and mind of the person.
  231. What we give to others today, one day life will give back to us, whether it is laughter or tears, so if you are giving pain, be sure that tomorrow will be full of pain.
  232. When someone insults you, respond with such respect that the one who insulted feels ashamed.
  233. If you have the ability to handle every situation, no matter how bad anyone does, it will not affect you.
  234. If you start taking everything other people say to heart, you will have to cry for the rest of your life, so listen to everyone but take only what your heart tells you.
  235. When the nail grows, then the nail is cut, not the finger, similarly, when doubts arise in all relationships, doubts should be cut, not the relationship.
  236. No person will become your enemy or friend, it is your behavior and speech that will decide who will become your friend and who will become your enemy.
  237. The most beautiful thing about a person is his heart, but when the heart is not clean, then no matter how much you shine the face, nothing matters.
  238. It doesn’t matter if you become something or not in life, but it matters a lot to support your parents in your old age.
  239. When love becomes a person’s strength, then he is ready to fight with the whole world, but when that love becomes a person’s weakness, then that person becomes so weak that he cannot survive even without one person.
  240. Never remember your past but never forget what that past taught you because it will teach you to move forward in life.
  241. The one who has to tell a lie shouts loudly because even if the truth is spoken slowly, no one can suppress its voice.
  242. When a friend makes progress, proudly say that he is my friend, and when a friend is in trouble, proudly say that he is my friend, only then is a friend meaningful.
  243. The better you talk to others, to other people’s wives, to other people’s parents, to other people’s children, the day you start talking to your family, from that day your home will become heaven.
  244. Even if there is no thread in the sewing machine, it can move, but there is no sewing from it, similarly, if there is no love in a relationship, life can move, but there is no sweetness in the relationship.
  245. It is good to have the heart to feel someone’s pain, but when a disaster occurs, even if there is a flood of pain and suffering, it is also important to be steadfast and steadfast like a mountain and face it.
  246. No matter how well you compose songs, ghazals, poems, poetry, but the result will be based on emotions because God reads the heart, not the mind.
  247. If your feet are muddy, you should look for a stream, but if you say there is a stream, it is foolish to go into the mud, similarly, if you have bad times in life, you should use money, but if you say you have money, it is very foolish to go on a bad path.
  248. Reading Vedas is not a big thing and believe me you cannot find God by reading Vedas but if you really want to find God then try to read other people’s pain not Vedas.
  249. Don’t be disappointed with any day of your life because if a good day comes it will bring happiness and if a bad day comes it will bring experience and both are equally important for a successful life.
  250. Anger is a trap in which you are the one who gets caught, you are the one who gets entangled and you are the one who regrets it later. So when anger arises, tell anger that now I am not going to fall into your trap.
  251. If someone cheats on you then it’s his fault but some people cheat again then it’s your fault because you trusted that cheater again.
  252. It doesn’t matter if you fight yourself or if others fight you, because it is not falling that makes the difference in your life, but getting up after falling.
  253. If you don’t have shoes on your feet, don’t feel sad because there are people in the world who don’t have feet at all. So learn to be happy with what you have.
  254. Spend your time and words very sparingly, because once they are gone, they will not come back.
  255. You can’t get rid of the problem by blaming, but you can definitely do a little less by taking responsibility.
  256. It is also a strange thing called money, no one respects the one who is not with him and the one who is with him does not respect anyone.
  257. Never prove yourself weak in front of others because people close the doors of their houses when they see the sun going down.
  258. No matter how beautiful a flower is, praise is always given for its sweet lust, similarly no matter how big and good a person is, praise is always given for his good qualities.
  259. Pride is a greater intoxicant than alcohol, because alcohol only harms your body, but pride destroys your existence.
  260. If someone asks for your advice during a problem, give them your support because advice may not work but your support will always work.
  261. In fact, people try to escape from the world by mistake, but poor people do not know that the punishment is given by time, not by the world.
  262. Love that person in life who understands these three things of yours. One for the pain hidden within your smile, two for the love hidden within your anger and the reason behind your constraint.
  263. When the pond is filled with water, the fish will eat the worms, but when the water in the pond dries up, then the same fish will be eaten by the worms, so never be disappointed in life because everyone’s turn comes, it’s just a matter of a little delay.
  264. Sometimes we are not as important to anyone as we think, so show your presence only where you are most needed or everyone will make fun of you.
  265. If you are crazy about your goal then congratulations because history is made by crazy people and wise people read it, so don’t memorize history, try to make history.
  266. Stay away from bad company as much as possible because the company will affect you but the infamy will be your parents.
  267. The relationship of love should be like a hand and an eye, when the hand is hurt, the eye sheds tears and when the eye sheds tears, the hand wipes them away.
  268. The test of a son is after marriage, the test of a daughter is in youth, the test of a husband is when the wife is sick, the test of a wife is when the husband is in poverty, the test of a friend is when there is a problem, and the test of a brother is when there is a fight.
  269. People say that it hurts when someone is far away from their person, but I say that it hurts when someone acts as if they are close to their person.
  270. After death, your wife accompanies you only till your house, society till Mashanghat and your son till Agnidan, but your karma is the only thing which accompanies you till the final decision of God.
  271. Never let your pride rise and never let your self-respect fall because your pride will not rise and your self-respect will not fall.
  272. No matter how bad you were yesterday, today can be a new beginning, just as every night is followed by a new morning.
  273. If the field is not planted, then nature will grow grass in it, similarly, if there is no positive thinking in the mind, then negative thinking will make its place.
  274. Mistakes by humans are nature, accepting them is culture and improving them is progress.
  275. Success is certain for those who have patience and are not afraid to work hard.
  276. If you want to reach your goal, be your own friend because association will only lead you astray.
  277. Only birds need wings to fly, the more people bend down, the more they rise up.
  278. You think from your heart and see what to do, then your mind starts to think and search for many ways.
  279. It is important to bow before people with humility, but do not bow so much that you have to take someone’s help to get up.
  280. Do not believe in fate by looking at the lines of the hands, because fate happens to those who do not have hands.
  281. A guess may be wrong but experience can never be wrong because guess is the imagination of our mind and experience is the teaching of our life
  282. Both silence and smile are powerful weapons because smile can remove many problems and silence can keep many problems away.
  283. The world does not look at what you were before, the world looks at what you are today.
  284. Don’t brag about your success in front of your parents because your parents won you by losing their lives.
  285. A person learns to speak only after two years of birth, but it takes him a lifetime to learn what to speak.
  286. In old age, your son will feed you with the calture you gave him, not your son, so give your children good calture.
  287. Do not blame others to save yourself because time has its own way of revealing the truth.
  288. Make your mind like the sea, only then will the small rivers come looking for you.
  289. Good people are known only by their deeds because good things happen to bad people too.
  290. Appreciate your person on time because even a stranger sheds two drops of tears after death.
  291. After all, what does pride have to do with, today you are walking on the soil, tomorrow you will be buried under this soil.
  292. The cause of success is not happiness, the cause of happiness is success, so the work that makes you happy will also make you successful.
  293. Never join the crowd because even if you dare, the crowd will rob you of your identity, so if you want to make your own identity, dig your own way.
  294. In order to succeed, you need to have more desire to succeed than your fear of failure.
  295. Not making mistakes does not make you successful, but making mistakes and not repeating them makes you successful.
  296. Enemy and friend never need to be trusted because enemy never trusts and friend never doubts.
  297. If you smile for a few seconds, the photo will look good, how much better life will be if you smile all the time.
  298. Struggle makes people stronger, no matter how weak they are. So do the struggle.
  299. There are two types of people who will tell you that you can’t do something, one who doesn’t try and the other who is afraid that you will do something.
  300. You can’t cross the river by standing on the side of the river, similarly, if you dream while sleeping, your dream will not be fulfilled, if you want to fulfill your dream, get up and take steps.
  301. There are only two ways to live life, either get what you want, or take what you got.
  302. Whoever interrupts others in front of you, at the same time you should be sure that he is interrupting you in front of others as well.
  303. Every thing in the world breaks by stumbling, but success is the only thing that comes together only by stumbling.
  304. If you want to become wise, learn from the mistakes of others, if you start using it on yourself, then your whole life will be short.
  305. If you want to fight, fight with your own weaknesses, not with others, because success comes from self-effort, not from the defeat of others.
  306. To understand that a person cannot make a mistake twice and if he does, it is not his fault but his desire.
  307. Life doesn’t change in a minute but a decision taken in a minute can change your entire life, so don’t take any decision in haste.
  308. Just as the night teaches the moon to shine, similarly pain and struggle teach people to understand.
  309. Don’t always stay with those people who make you happy, sometimes stay with those people who make you happy.
  310. The one finger that wipes away the tears is more special than the ten fingers of the hand when the tears fall, in the same way, the one hand that supports you in the time of pain is more special than the thousands of hands that clap in success.
  311. A small ant can bite your leg but you cannot bite an ant’s leg. So don’t underestimate anyone in life because maybe someone else can do what you can’t do.
  312. You will find someone in the light, search for that person who will support you even in the dark.
  313. Either write your own destiny by working hard or circumstances will write your destiny.
  314. When someone tries to bring you down, believe that you are above them.
  315. If the person inside you believes in you, the person outside cannot stop your success.
  316. Even bees that make sweet honey can sting, so be careful, even people who talk too sweetly can hurt you.
  317. There are two types of people who fail in life, one who thinks but doesn’t do it and the other one who doesn’t think before doing it.
  318. Keep your pain inside yourself because there are people in the world who cry and cry about your pain and share it with the world.
  319. The night is short for those who have a desire to dream, and the days are short for those who have the desire to fulfill their dreams.
  320. Don’t consider those who don’t answer when others talk nonsense about you weak, because they are wise people who don’t want to throw stones in the mud, that’s why their mind and clothes are always clean.
  321. In the race of life, it is not necessary that you should be ahead and overtake everyone, it is important to join your race and run, get tired and get up again, because this is the way of life, today is the last, tomorrow is the first, it is necessary to keep running.
  322. Blasphemy is like a stone thrown in the sky which comes back again.
  323. He who has a veil of pride in his eyes neither sees the merits of others nor sees his own merits.
  324. Evil does not increase because it has more power, it increases because people tolerate it.
  325. What you are today is the result of your thinking yesterday and what you will be tomorrow is determined by your thinking today.
  326. If you want to be, be like water that finds its own way, not like a stone that blocks the way of others.
  327. A person understands the importance of anything only twice, once before getting it and once after losing it.
  328. Don’t be afraid if the world opposes you, because people throw stones at the tree that bears fruit.
  329. One good heart is better than a million good faces, if you have to choose, choose by heart, not by face.
  330. A person’s respect is not the words that are spoken in his presence, but the respect of a person is the words that are spoken in his absence.
  331. There is no death by falling into the river, death happens when you can’t swim, well, in the same way, no situation is a problem in itself, it becomes a problem when you can’t handle it.
  332. If you love yourself so much even after making a thousand mistakes, why do you get hurt by a small mistake made by others?
  333. Give as much space in your heart to others as others give to you, otherwise you will either cry yourself or others will make you cry.
  334. A relationship is never sustained by beautiful looks and sweet speech. Relationships are built on unwavering trust and unconditional love.
  335. You can win over every person in the world, but you can never win over a person who knowingly loses himself for your happiness.
  336. Humans are the ones who feel the pain of others because animals also feel their own pain.
  337. No matter the battle, whoever fights loses something.
  338. Bathing with water does nothing, if you want to change your fate, bathe with sweat.
  339. As long as you keep smiling, this world will support you because tears cannot find a place in your eyes.
  340. An old man lives in the past, so he is sad. Young people tend to live in the future, so they tend to be stressed. But a child always lives in the present, so he is always happy.
  341. The price is not water, but thirst, the price is life, not death, everyone loves in the world, but the price is not love, but trust.
  342. A horse that runs in a race does not know what victory is because the horse only runs because of the pain given by its master, so whenever you suffer in life, remember that your master is trying to win you.
  343. Victory is never greater because the victor is greater than victory, forgiveness is never greater because the forgiver is greater than forgiveness, similarly relationships are never greater because the relationship is greater than the healer.
  344. A man asked life why not everyone is happy? Then life said, I will give happiness to everyone, but human nature is such that the happiness of one person becomes a pain for another.
  345. No matter how big the problem is, it cannot be solved because no matter how dark the night is, it cannot stop the sun from rising.
  346. The lamp does not speak because its light introduces itself. In the same way, it is not your words but your good deeds that will introduce you.
  347. If you want to be happy in life, stop taking what people say because there is no shortage of liars in the world.
  348. A person changes his house, his relationship changes, his friends change, but why can’t he be happy? Because even after changing everything, he forgets to change himself.
  349. Love cannot be hidden and pain cannot be shown.
  350. Whether others respect me or not, I will not insult anyone.
  351. A person is guilty even if he speaks correctly after being misunderstood by the one who understands.
  352. People hold your hand only when they know that you can walk alone.
  353. Respect is not a person, it is a need. When the need is over, the honor is also over.
  354. Love is not for any person, but for the time, money, and appearance invested in that person.
  355. The fault is not in the creation, but in the vision.
  356. The one who is really alive knows that he is dead, but the one who is not alive, who knows that he is dead?
  357. Whatever is difficult to do, do it because because it is difficult, everyone will give up, and it will be easy for you to become a winner.
  358. The winner’s medal is not made of metal, but of blood, tears and sweat, so people bow and respect the medal.
  359. We become what we regularly do. Success is not a one-day miracle, it is the result of years of good habits.
  360. What a miracle of nature, a living person sinks in water and a dead person floats.
  361. Good thinking always shows people the best way.
  362. Only fools go after money, wise people look for work, because they know that workers are money.
  363. This death is also a very wonderful thing, my friends, to die one day you have to live your whole life.
  364. Small people and small ‘notes’ come in handy in difficult situations, keep the behavior with everyone.
  365. Changing weather, changing relationships and changing people are definitely felt, even if they are not visible.
  366. If the egg is broken by external force, life ends but if it is broken by internal force, golden life begins, so great things and success always start from within.
  367. A river is useless without water, a courtyard is useless without guests. If there is no love, friends and relatives are useless. If there is no money, life is worthless and if there is no friendship in life, life itself is worthless.
  368. Often the same person always becomes the culprit who always wants to keep everyone happy.
  369. You just have to learn to smile, crying is inherited from birth.
  370. A good character is built by stumbling a thousand times.
  371. What we are today is a gift given by our parents and what we become tomorrow is a gift we give to our parents, so whatever gift you want to give to your parents, try to be like that.
  372. No matter how successful and great you are in life, don’t forget to take care of two people, one who loses everything for your victory, your father and the other one who endures all the pain because you will be hurt, your mother.
  373. I cannot understand how a man can make a place for a stone idol in his house when there is not even the slightest place for his parents who gave birth to him.
  374. People shake hands not with you, but with your situation, so don’t blame others, try to improve your situation.
  375. No man can ever be so rich that he can buy his past and no man can ever be so poor that he cannot change his future.
  376. Don’t look for a good person in life, but try to be good yourself, maybe someone’s search will be fulfilled by finding you.
  377. Be happy in front of a person who doesn’t like you, your happiness will kill him alive.
  378. Trust your parents as much as you trust medicine when you are sick, sure it will be bitter but it will be for your benefit.
  379. A man can never lie to those two people, the first one who loves him dearly and the second one whom he is losing very soon.
  380. Keep courage and courage, good and bad days keep coming in life.

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