9 easy and practical ways to save money. | Best money saving tips and tricks

How to save money ? Every people have this question. We know Earning is one of the reasons that bother people now. People are in trouble more than they are not able to save themselves. That’s why people say, ‘I don’t have any money left in my hands, what should I do?’ If you are also worried about not being able to save money, then do this.

If you want to be successful in life, you want to live happily. And if you want to live according to your wishes, you need positive thinking, courage, hard work and money as well. Almost everyone in the world earns money in one way or another. But if you don’t know how to manage it properly, all the money will be spent and wasted. Another important thing we need to understand is that if we don’t have plenty of money, we will neither get any happiness in the material world nor will anyone respect us. Therefore, even if it is for happiness and respect, money should be saved and increased. There is no other option. But many people do not know how to save money, this is the problem. And if you can’t save money, you can’t increase it either. In this video I will discuss about saving money. These methods are free of charge and hassle-free. These methods are very simple and easy. But we have to use it in our life, that is, we have to adopt it. 100% guarantee you will be successful.

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Now read, how to save money without delay.

  1. Save first, then spend: Most of the people have a habit of spending money as soon as they get it and after spending it, they barely save the remaining money. Because of this we fail to save money. But all the rich people in this world do exactly the opposite. First they save and spend. By doing this, the savings will be certain. After receiving the income, a plan should also be made about how it can be saved. For this reason, the first step you should take is to make a habit of saving money as soon as you receive your salary or any other means from today. And spend the remaining money. Make a habit of regularly saving 10, 20 percent of your total income. Spend the remaining money. But do not touch the money saved under any condition. To make this plan more robust and fruitful, open a new account in a bank. Until the money worth investing is accumulated. Don’t use that money. And don’t link this account with your mobile banking and don’t make an ATM, so that you won’t be able to use this savings money. Make sure that you withdraw the money from this account only when you get to invest in something important or where you have planned, or you should make sure that you do not use this money at times other than essential.
  2. Plan your expenses: If you have not planned any of your expenses, you will soon find it difficult and may have to take a loan. Due to which your dreams will be shattered. You need to plan your monthly expenses in advance. If you want to save money, you should plan in advance how much you will spend this month. It helps you prioritize what your needs are and that too. In this way, since the monthly expenses are already planned, it will not be spent more than that except in special circumstances. One of the best ways is to spend on a weekly basis: if we need any item, we need it as soon as we need it. It is a habit to buy at that time. However, this is a very bad habit. By noting the items that are needed throughout the week in advance and spending only once a week, unnecessary expenses are reduced. Similarly, if you go to the same store and buy goods at once, there is a possibility of getting a discount from the store.
  3. Reduce frivolous spending and entertainment expenses: In daily life, many people spend frivolously or wastefully. We don’t know that we are spending waste. We may think that we are spending out of necessity. If we control wasteful expenses, we can easily save 10-20% of income. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses and necessary expenses, we have to think that before buying anything, how much do I need this item? What is the benefit to me from this? Am I not buying this just because I like it? To stop wasteful spending, we need to understand our wants and needs. Do I really need it? The main reason for not being able to save money is that we spend it unnecessarily. When you go to buy any product, think carefully once, do I really need it? Don’t buy that stuff that you say no to in your mind. If it says so, think once again for the last time and buy only if your conscience says so. Don’t think about useless, useless things. It will waste not only your money but also your time.
  4. Do not use a credit card: When you use a credit card while buying any goods, remember that up to 24 percent interest is added to it. You are burdened with debt. One of the most important rules to avoid is that you should not buy anything on credit. If you have a credit card, close it from today. Even if you are thinking of taking it, cancel it. Do not consider taking a loan unless you have a specific need. No matter how attractive the loan schemes are, they will not do any good.
  5. Setting goals: We are not able to save money because we do not have any goals. When you are saving money, you should make a plan that after this month, you will save so much money and spend it on this thing. In this way, determining the purpose of spending gives an incentive to save. Let’s say if the intention is to buy a motorcycle or a laptop this Christmas, then a lot of effort is made to fulfill the purpose by saving the various expenses that will be incurred during the Christmas. Similarly, when buying a house or buying a car, if you set the intention that you will pay all the price within this month, you can save other unnecessary expenses. In this way, while making the purpose of spending, it should be short-term, medium-term and long-term. Keeping short-term goals as short-term goals, keeping mid-term goals as mid-term goals, and keep long-term goals as long-term goals, such as children’s education. Save for this now.
  6. Let’s make a habit of noting the expenses: If you want to save money, first of all, make a habit of noting the expenses you do every day. “When a $100 note is exchanged, you don’t know where it goes.” This is also one of the many complaints people make. When money is in people’s hands, people do not know when it is spent. Milk, tea, newspaper, vegetables, etc. are the headings of daily expenses. Even though people are spending on such small necessities, people are not aware of it. So, if you get into the habit of writing down the expenses in the diary in the evening, you will be aware of the expenses you have incurred throughout the day. It saves the expenses of the next day or remembers the expenses of the previous day before spending money the next day.
  7. Choosing a priority: We have never singled out essentials or necessities. So when we have money, we spend it on whatever is in front of us. Therefore, we are likely to spend more money on our essential needs. Therefore, choosing the priority early helps to save money.
  8. Keeping informed about the growing savings: Making a habit of checking the savings in the bank from time to time also helps in encouraging savings. While looking at the savings in this way, if it is lower than the previous month’s savings, it will alert you. If there is more savings than the previous month, then it is encouraging to save more in the next month. If the saving is less than the previous month while looking at it like this, you can find the reason and solve it from the next month and increase the saving again.
  9. Getting into the habit of eating at home: After waking up in the morning, we go out to have tea. Due to this, our expenses are increasing unnaturally. Savings can also be increased by eating foods that can be prepared at home as much as possible. Because we are lazy, we eat out or eat ready-made items instead of food. Such foods not only affect health but also help in saving.

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