Think is best for success

Yes, think is best for success in human life. Actually, everything is start and created by think. We can find it every work when we will going to start we have think first. Everybody cannot do anything without think. For Example; we must think before eat dinner or anything, we must think before walk anywhere etc. So, think is most important for success life. In the world we have get many kind of example about successful men those who had been very poor in their past time. But they are very successful person in the world because they think big. Really, we cannot count the power of think. Think is a kind of element. The scientist found and proof think is very small element then air, electricity, light etc.

What is think? Where from it create? What is the color of it ? How will change it ? What is the benefit of it? That’s question will be created before think on think. Actually, think have color and size. Also have life power with think. Yes it is unvisitable, we cannot see it secular eye but it’s creation is elementariness. In the world no any element small and spendable then thinks. So, it is very small and spendable. Electric will be rounding seven time in one second but think will more then it. Every object is  more power and strong however it small. We can see soil is most power then stone, because soil is small then stone and it have more joint then stone. Steam is powerful then water  and air is powerful then  steam. Although, there are something smaller then think but this knowledge did not get men. But God have give think for men. More people have done difficult and strong work by think.

In our mint many kind of think being creating continue. Some think will good and some will bad. We must know think is not any unseen able object but it is real element. Nobody can stop the power of  think. It is big then all. God have give it for men. Bad think think is like darkness. If we lit the light in darkness, it will scape own. Yes, like that kind good think knock out the bad think. So, we can get more power, experience & feel by think. In the world nobody are lucky. Every person have make their luck by think.

Todays modern era, think is the best way for fulfill all kind of work. But we cannot pass only by think.  You do not feel only think can success. But we  must move it, creative it. Action is also most important  for success. But think is come first. What will do we in the world think is come first. Many people we have found  their business are going loss, because they did not think fully after they start their business. Also there are some reason of lost the business; they cannot think more, they will wealthy and so they feel for not important plan for work etc. But poor people must think when they start any business. They must make great plan, more think, hard work even they start small job. So, that they never fail. This is the main reason of the success poor people in the world. The greatest wealth man Bill gets have not more education certification, although he have the power of think. So, he create Microsoft which is the best software in the world. It is very simple he have more think about the business which he have going start. So, he never fail.

Think is created by brain. Brain is in head. It is small and stated at inner and rounded by bone. Men have billion number of neuron and each neuron have million number of dendrite. But hole brain have weight like a orange. We can feel the power and size of think.

Think can heal all kind of seek. Some time we listen about heal of old and paralyzed person by any accident or any dangerous event. In that time think is most powerful. Men have think I must stand up etc. so, if any ill person think positive. They will heal soon. Think can treatment which can not do by medical. Think can make wealth us. Think can success us. Think can make powerful us. So think is best for success.

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