This photo is not edited, the girl is not even floating in the street, what is the reality of the photo that went viral on the internet?

What is the reality of the photo that went viral on the internet?

Agency. In the world of internet, it doesn’t take long for things to go viral. One such picture is now going viral. At first glance, this photo shows half of the girl’s body floating on a concrete road. But, the reality is different. This photo was posted on social media by an American woman.

Users on social media are getting very confused after seeing this viral photo and are giving new arguments to explain how it happened. The girl in this photo is the daughter of a woman who posted the photo on social media.

This photo was posted on the social network Reddit in early May. In the photo, a girl dressed in pink is seen doing something on the phone. Half of the girl’s body is seen floating on the concrete road.

The woman posted the photo on social media and asked the user where half of her daughter’s body was. Users are also curious to know if this photo is a visual illusion or if some unique technique was used to take this photo.

According to The Sun, a large number of people are commenting on this photo. The girl in the photo is standing on the street, leaning against a wall. She is leaning against the wall with the elbow of one hand. The lower part of her body is blocked by the wall so it is not visible.

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