Elon Musk’s humanoid robot, which can carry up to 9 kg, has been released

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tesla, Elon Musk, has released his humanoid robot ‘Optimus’. During Tesla’s 2022 AI Day presentation, Musk unveiled a prototype of the humanoid “Optimus” robot.

According to Musk, this prototype can do more than what was shown live. At last year’s event, the company showcased a man dressed as a robot. The actual robot of the same performance was released this year.

Musk also said that its price will be less than $20,000. He also asserted that Tesla is doing a good job for the AI ​​and robotics needed to facilitate the operation of electric cars.

He claims that there are many differences between other impressive humanoid robot demonstrations and Tesla’s robot, and that Tesla’s Optimus is built for mass production in the millions.
This robot can walk efficiently and balance like a human without any support. Also, it can carry up to 9 kg weight. It can also use other digital devices and act as a guardian for small robots.

The supercomputer used in the Tesla vehicle is also in the Tesla Boat. It also has wireless connectivity as well as audio support and hardware security features, which the company says are important to protect the robot and the people around the robot.

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