Jyoti KC, from Dang (NEPAL) became an astronaut

Photo: Jyoti KC, an astronaut from Dang. He was trained by his family members to become an astronaut. Photo source: Jyoti KC

Five years ago, Jyoti KC of Dang Bhaluwang was drawn to the US by the ‘Divi’ lottery. The only goal of his trip to the United States was to raise the family’s financial status. In other words, the United States had become a source of income for him. But the United States has not only become a lucrative ‘city’ for him. It also became a huge ‘book’ of American studies / research for him.

For two years after arriving in the United States, Jyoti was employed there, and a busy trip to the United States put her on a path of extensive study. And now, five years later, Jyoti has returned home as an astronaut. He is probably the first astronaut in Nepal.

The ‘dream’ of becoming the US Air Force was awakening for Jyoti, who was employed in the US to raise the economic standard. As a result, within three months of her arrival in the United States, she was preparing to join the US Air Force. He was selected by the US government for the US Air Force. “I had another job in the United States, but I was also preparing to become a member of the US Air Force,” Jyoti told reporters. After enlisting in the US Air Force, his 13-month training began. “The US government valued my ability and selected me in the free quota,” she said. “Our training lasted for 13 months, and I became an Air Force Army.”

During his nearly three years in the US Air Force, he had another opportunity to become an astronaut. However, the US Air Force was not only an opportunity for him, but also a cornerstone for his job. “It was a great opportunity for me. I also consulted with Air Force colleagues. They said it was a great opportunity,” she said. “And I went to Poland to study it.” She participated in a two-week training to become an astronaut. This training was his ‘practice’. During this exercise, she performed all the procedures required for space travel. This training was done in isolation rather than in his words. She completed training in analog space.

“There were five of us. We did the research while in Isalation,” she said. “It was a completely new and challenging exercise for me.” He says the space trip will be a milestone for the US Air Force. “I’m an American Air Force. This space trip has become a cornerstone for my career as well, because it’s easier for us Air Forces,” she said. We don’t see anyone for a period of time, we only talk to the crew. ”

During her practice, she did research on Earth, and became successful as an astronaut. “We did research on Earth during the practice, now after our research we will finally fly up and study,” said Jyoti. According to him, everything from food and sleep management is done in this vehicle. “Everything we eat and sleep in is the same isolation,” she said.

Jyoti, who became an astronaut after completing an astronaut course in Poland, now plans to fly for research in collaboration with NASA. “Now my goal is to become an astronaut in collaboration with NASA and make new discoveries,” she said. However, he plans to keep his job in the US Air Force. “I will make the astronaut’s journey a reality by staying in the US Air Force,” she said.

Despite being in the US Air Force, she said the memory of her time around Covid around Texas was a very satisfying moment for her. “I spent a lot of time around the state of Texas during Covid, working on covid management and vaccinations,” she said. She is also studying pilot course.

This success of Jyoti of middle class family has made her family very happy. Jyoti’s father Nara Bahadur KC says that he is worried about how to educate his daughter in Nepal but he is very happy to have such a great success in the United States. He said, “I was worried about how to teach in a good college in Nepal. My daughter Divya went to America and today she has succeeded in becoming an astronaut by studying there. What could be better for our family than this happiness?”

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