Where to find happiness? Some important things to know in order to be happy

We want to get high marks in exams by studying. We want a good job. We want to be prosperous with material comforts. We want to have our own house, our own car. We want to have good relations with our relatives and friends. Why

Because we want to get happiness from all these. Happiness is the same destination of all our efforts and expectations.

Not only that, we eat sweet food. We have a taste. Happiness is also obtained from that. We dress nicely. Everyone says goodbye. Happiness is also from that.

We eat a balanced diet. We exercise Stay active why because there is no pain in the body. Don’t be sad that means happiness.

Happiness is the power of life. Is beauty but where is the happiness? How to find happiness?

We think money makes you happy. Wealth brings happiness. Yes, it makes our lives easier. It solves our problems and difficulties. Makes life a little easier. So these are the means, not the resources.

The richest man in the world would be happier if he had money. There is no difference between the happiness of the owner of the richest person in the world and the one who lives on the sidewalk. The happiness that a billionaire feels when he earns millions is as much as the happiness of those who live on a sidewalk.

So the amount of happiness and the result is neither rich nor poor. Says neither strong nor weak. Happiness is the same. Happiness is not outside, it is inside us. We ourselves are the source of happiness.

Happiness, don’t buy. Happiness, no need to ask. Happiness, theft does not have to be robbery. Because its immense source is within us.

There is a popular saying in Nepali, is hunger sweet or food? Sleep good or bed?

Really no material object or achievement is happiness. Not a source of happiness. Happiness is within us.

Where to find happiness?

Happiness is a human behavior, a tendency. We are always in search of happiness. We are also losing happiness in the pursuit of happiness. Because we think, happiness is in all the material things, the attainment of which makes us happy.

We do not need money to be happy. Ash does not need rest. No need for sweets. To be happy, one must understand that the source is within oneself.

Why be happy?

When we are happy, cheerful, then the environment around us is also good. The people standing in front of us are also happy. Family members are happy. Happiness expands happiness.

When we are in a state of happiness, our mind becomes calm. The brain becomes stable. We are happy it removes disorders of the body. Anger reduces the level of anger, hatred, and rage. That is, our mental state is washed away.

So we should be happy. Happiness is with us. We need to develop a tendency to be happy in small things, even in small things. Because happiness is the beauty of the world.


Things to pay attention to to be happy:

  1. Take a deep breath : If you take deep breaths every day, the amount of oxygen in the body will increase, which will reduce the disorder of the mind along with the body. When you take a deep breath, your body releases positive chemicals that help keep you happy.
  1. Reduce desire: If you want more, no matter how much money you have, it cannot be fulfilled. If the wish cannot be fulfilled, it becomes sad. So the desire to be happy should be reduced.
  1. Don’t be too ambitious: It is good to gradually prepare yourself for a purpose. But, if you have ambitions to get results quickly, it will put you under stress. It ends your happiness. So don’t be too ambitious.
  1. Smile: If you do not like to laugh, try to smile. Try to get used to it gradually. If you keep on laughing, you will gradually get used to it. Laughter also increases the body’s chemical excretion of positive emotions, which gradually makes you happier.
  1. Be happy looking in the mirror: Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. If your hair is thin, your face is scarred, your lips are chapped, or if you have any such defects in your body, do not pay much attention to such things while looking in the mirror and look in the mirror and smile. If you do this every day, you will become positive and happy.
  1. Don’t be like others: Prioritize what you want to be, rather than what others want you to be. Others want to see heavy makeup done, but if you like light makeup, do what you want. It preserves your originality and brings you into the company of someone who agrees with your originality, which helps to be happy.
  1. Don’t be shy: If you have made a mistake or feel ashamed of yourself and your surroundings, get rid of it today. It makes you confident.
  1. Get creative : Do creative things like writing, reading, drawing, dancing, singing, playing, sewing. When engaged in creative work, the negative energy of the body is transformed into creative energy and the mind becomes happy.

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